The thing with Red

I’ve had my reservations about this colour, it’s one of those shades that isn’t really defined to a season but looks great in both summer and winter.

When I made the decision to purchase a red winter coat last year I was burdened with the responsibility of feeling the need to match it with what I was wearing all the time BUT actually there are a plethora of colours that red compliments very well.

It’s certainly not the most popular outerwear colour but it looks great on a cold winter day and almost makes you feel ‘Christmassy’ by default โ˜บ๏ธ

Whenever I think to team red with anything in my wardrobe I seem to immediately feel inclined to opt for a nautical colour combination of royal blue, white and red, but in actual fact red looks great with cream and even works well with biege, gold and deep denim.

Often enough red dresses can be difficult to accessories and to find shoes for as the colour alone can be a statement in itself. If the dress is a primary red, nude, silver or pale God shoes are always a safe option. Patent black shoes (depending on the occasion) look really classy too.

So when you’re next indulging in some retail therapy, don’t shy away from adding red to your wardrobe ๐Ÿ™‚

Claudia x

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