Wearing white 

When do we wear white? When is it offensive? Why is it offensive? It’s just another colour right?

The rule originated in America where white was worn between Memorial day and Labor day, which was summer. There are other rules such as not wearing white to weddings and funerals. The general rule is that when attending a wedding avoid a white floor length dress as the only woman who should be in white is the bride.

White in many cultures is seen as a celebratory colour, a celebration of life. Especially in the Ghanaian tradition, where I am from, White is worn to traditional wedding ceremonies, christenings and a combination of black and white patterned cloth is also worn to funerals. In China the celebratory colour is red, the bride wears red on her wedding day to symbolise luck and fortune.

Looking at fashion today white is pretty much worn all year round but is still not readily available in the shops until the summer. For me the wearing of white symbolises light, freedom, happiness, celebration and a sense of cleanliness and purity.

I’m pretty strict on myself when it comes to coordinating my clothes so white makes a frequent appearance in a lot of the things I wear. It compliments every colour effortlessly and as a result classic white shirts are a wardrobe staple I can’t do without. In saying this I rarely wear white from head to toe but would rather compliment this with another colour. When wearing all white I avoid wearing dark coloured shoes but instead opt for a neutral coloured shoe.

When it comes to fashion the rules are there as a guide, your individuality is your style/brand and wearing white at anytime of the year can look great! 🙂
I hope you’re all having a great week x

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