Me time

My time in the train gives me space between work and home to reflect, plan and sometimes just leave work behind for the day and think about the evening ahead. 

I’ve always valued having (at some point in the day) some time to reflect. It’s the perfect opportunity for me to also look through my diary and jot down some actions for the week/month. This organisation helps me to always allocate my time strategically instead of rushing around when I remember last minute that there are 5 things that need to be done in an hour! I’ve written a blog post about organising your time in a previous post so do check it out.

Having a little me time here and there also allows for some self evaluation, asking ourselves questions like: how have I been using my time lately? How productive am I being in my personal time to reach some of my own goals? Am I balancing my work schedule and making time for my friends and family? Am I too busy?

Life can often move at full speed and it’s only when we intentionally take time out to stop, step back and look at the bigger picture will we gain a healthier perspective on where we are and where we’d like to be.

If you’d like to more reasons why ‘me time’ is good for you, check out this link.

Have a great remainder of the week 🙂 x

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