Return of the matte

From as far back as I can remember I have always preferred the matte look when it comes to make up. Matte lips and most certainly matte eyeshadow. The shine and gloss didn’t really appeal to me, largely because I have an oily t-zone, so any feature that further highlighted this was a no no for me. 

I have and still am trailing different primers/and moisturisers that will keep my skin shine free and moisturise my skin- it’s a tough balance to achieve but for the majority of the day I can rely on my no.7 primer to keep those oils at bay. Anyway I digress…

Matte lipsticks for me are a perfect day and evening look, I find the colour to be richer and I can create better lip definition then I can with a lip pencil (at times). Although I often (in the working week) prefer to stick with more nude/neutral tones, matte lipsticks for me have a staying power that moisturising or high shine lipsticks lack.

There are numerous brands that execute the matte lipstick well and have created a range of colours that provide that full coverage and ultra classic look.

If you’re a fan of MAC products you will already be familiar with the world renowned Ruby Woo lipstick, I’m yet to find a lipstick that provides such high colour intensity and is suited to almost every skin tone. When worn alone however it does tend to flake so teaming it with a good lipstick of a similar shade works rather well. Other very good matte shades from MAC that I’ve tried include Pink Pigeon, Flat Out Fabulous, Kinda Sexy, Please Me and Taupe. 

There are a wealth of other good brands not exclusive of but including Revlon, Nars, Bobbi Brown and more value for money offerings like NYX and MUA from Superdrug who also sell a nice selection of matte lipsticks.

If you’re new to lipsticks or haven’t found the shade(s) that work for you do keep searching and don’t limit yourself to the brands that you usually use. The brands that make great foundations may not necessarily be experts when it comes to lipsticks.

Mixing shades can also give you even better tones. Lightly dabbing a darker moisturising lipstick on the lips before applying a lighter matte lipstick can create rich tones and lasting colour that endures all the conversation and food consumption of a normal day.

Hope you’ve enjoyed reading this post and would love to hear all about your favourite matte lipsticks and the tips you use to make them last throughout the day.

Enjoy your weekend! X

8 thoughts on “Return of the matte

  1. I would love to hear if you managed to find anything to combat your oily t-zones prior to applying makeup as I have the same problem but don’t know which primer to invest in?

    Many Thanks x


    1. Hi Angelina, yes! 🙂 I have. I’ve found a few actually. The first although slightly unconventional is actually Milk of Magnesia, I put a little on cotton wool and dan it on my t-zone. It keeps me matte pretty much throughout the day. My next favourite is Kiko’s Mat Base Corrector which gives great oil control and lasts between 5-6 hours for me. I hope this helps! Let me know how you get on xx

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      1. Thanks for getting back to me…! Are you still blogging? You should definitely continue.
        Also where can you purchase Milk of Magnesia please? Will definitely have a try and tell you about the results x


      2. To be honest I did stop, the ideas weren’t coming to me anymore, but I will pick it up again. Please do let me know if there are any topics in particular you’d like to read about.
        You can purchase Milk of Magnesia from any large Boots store or pharmacy. Also one tip when applying the M’o’M is to ensure it goes on smoothly to ensure it doesn’t show when make up is complete. Also give it a few seconds to dry before applying your foundation 🙂 xx

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      3. Thanks for this and I look forward to your future posts. I have recently started blogging and just let your general life be an inspiration to what you write.
        People generally tend to want to read about what the person knows which brings out their individual personality (just like you’ve presented in your previous posts)
        I’ll follow you for updates and please do the same x


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