High shine

In all my time of wearing make-up I must say that lip gloss for me hasn’t been my go to item. I’m a lover of matte lipsticks, mostly because of their excellent staying power (even after meals) and there are a large amount of brands who have got the formula just right. My annoyance with lip gloss is its ability to almost move around the lips giving an incomplete or sometimes half applied look. The more high end brands that i’ve tried which do promise more staying power tend to be incredibly sticky and hard to remove. I have found that when combined with a good moisturizing lipstick many lip glosses can stay put for some time and in the winter they can go some way to keeping your lips from becoming dry and chapped but I have been (so far) unconvinced of their other capabilities. However the search continues and I am open to trying other brands and seeing if I can find one that works for me. Please do share your favourite lip gloss brands and colours with me 🙂

Thank you for reading,


Claudia x

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