Splitting your beauty supplies

It recently dawned on me that more often than not I purchase a new beauty product or make-up brush as a result of a review I’ve read or simply wanting to experiment with something different to take the monotony out of the ‘getting read’ process. However, it’s easy to accumulate lots of items that you rarely use and gather dust on your dresser. One way to combat this is to select your core products and tools that you use on a daily basis, your ‘go-to’ items and gather these into one bag. Then you may choose to have a larger bag that has your wider range of cosmetics in it, these can include your glittery eyeshadows or colours and concealers, blushers that you wear on special occasions.

This means that on those days when you’re in a rush in the morning you can quickly grab and apply the products you need rather than rummaging through a large bag of make up trying to look for what you need.

This is also handy if you are a frequent traveller, you can always have the items you need packed and ready to go!

I hope this helps! Have a fab day


Claudia x

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