Heel me up

I’m a huge fan of high heeled shoes, they are my footwear of choice! High heels change your posture, the way you walk and most noticeably your height! They are the common shoe of choice on catwalks and are our go to footwear when we want to ‘glam up’. Considering high heels have apparently been around since 1553(!!) it seems us women have always had a little bit of a thing for these types of shoes.

What interests me the most however are court shoes or pumps as they are known in the USA. Court shoes originated from the medieval fashion traditions of the wealthy in Europe and have been popular ever since. In Margo DeMello’s book Feet and Footwear: A Cultural Encyclopedia, she states that the first heels were actually worn by noblemen who sported a heel on their boots. Heels were traditionally made of staked leather or wood (which must have been rather heavy!). She also mentions that prior to this time high heeled shoes were only possible in the form of clogs or elevated sandals with many cultures adapting their won type of elevated footwear such as the Japanese geta, the turkish stilted sandal and the chinese flower pot shoe.

chinese flower pot shoe
Chinese flower pot shoe
japanese geta
Japanese geta
turksih stilted sandal
Turkish stilted sandal

I’m so thankful for the creative minds who continued to develop this beautiful idea for a heeled shoes and the creative directors that bring us beautiful designs season after season – thank you!

I love a good court shoe not just for its classy elegance but also because they are super versatile, you can dress them down for a casual outfit or can glam it up for any special event.

For your viewing pleasure here are some pretty cool court shoes from one of my favourite shoe brands Rupert Sanderson.


Claudia x


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