What does it take?

There has been a movement by brands and by individuals who have been challenging the status quo when it comes to beauty. Dove famously launched a campaign in 2004 for real beauty that challenged the way that we viewed beauty (commonly the super tall and slender fair skinned figures that graced our TV screened and filled magazines). Although Dove were taking the opportunity to reposition themselves within the market their campaign came at a great time to boost the self esteem of women who simply couldn’t associate themselves with what was being shown in the various media outlets all around them. By challenging the very apparent stereotypes in beauty, Dove widened the definition of the word and now beauty included all women. You can read more about the real beauty campaign here

What makes us feel beautiful should never be defined by the way in which we think we measure up to another person it should be about feeling good about how we look and working with what we have. Making the most of what you have. On my instagram page yesterday I posted a list of things that are within our control and one of the points on there was ‘how kind we are to ourselves’. There are lots of quotes online about self love and it is really key. The internet can be a really false place when you scroll through the discover page and see the amount of images of perfection and the sponsored ads that seem to crop up everywhere encouraging you to buy, buy, buy and buy some more!

It’s really time to step back and assess- what does it take to be you. What is it that makes you happy? What are you into? Pursue those things with passion. If you are into either cute or quirky make-up, fashion thats not on the high street, literature thats not from the most famous authors, art from un recognised artists, mathematics thats seriously complex, music thats a far cry from the chart toppers on i-tunes, meteorology or even ornithology (the study of birds), whatever it is, pursue it! And as the cliché saying goes – Be your own kind of beautiful 🙂

On another note here are some pictures from my Easter weekend away in Lyon, France. Enjoy!

Claudia x2017-04-13 20.18.112017-04-14 11.51.112017-04-13 18.34.312017-04-13 16.02.572017-04-13 15.36.40

2017-04-14 18.07.202017-04-14 18.07.382017-04-14 17.02.242017-04-14 11.46.14

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