My brow aid

If like me you have the brow hairs that occasionally like to do their own thing then you’ll know how useful brow gels are for keeping your brows looking pretty all day. I use the Sleek brows kit to fill/define my brows but I’ve found that this doesn’t give me the hair definition and hold I’ve been looking for so I decided to try Urban Decay’s Brow Tamer.

It comes in 5 shades and at £16 in the UK I thought wasn’t too bad a price to pay, however at just 4.5ml in size you don’t get much for your money. On the flip side, you need very little product to achieve the look you need, so it seems a little could take me a long way…we will see. I bought mine from their concession counter at House of Fraser (Westfield White City)where I sampled some before deciding whether to buy one, you can also easily buy it online.

What I like about this is that it doesn’t make my eyebrows look or feel hard but rather gives them soft definition and holds any stubborn hairs in place. I use this product after I have filled in my brows and defined them with concealer.

I’m pretty sure that I could use this product on its own on days when I want a very stripped back look. The brush lets allows you to fill in the lighter parts of your brows and the colour is a good match for me. If you’d like to try a brow gel for the first time ask one of the workers to test it out on you, although the lighting isn’t always great in stores have a look close up on how it makes your brows look and also wait for the product to dry, them you’ll be able to discern how it feels too.

I’d love to hear about any brow gels that you’ve used and what your thoughts are on them.

Have a lovely evening x

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