If I had a penny for…

The internet is already a maze when it comes to pregnancy advice as well as a wealth of apps that you can use to track your pregnancy. Many of them advice you on how your baby may be progressing and compare the size/weight of your child to strange fruits that you may have never heard of! lol!

As well as having all of these online resources, there are also lots of people who will give you advice, many of which has been invaluable to me, especially as a first time mum, your a sponge in this new experience and want to naturally take everything in and do the very best for both yourself and your baby.

Every pregnancy is very different as I have found mine has been. What has worked for me hasn’t been always what others have suggested but what feels right for me at the right time. If I had a penny for every time I was given ‘expert’ advice, I’d be a rich girl lol.

The suggestion of keeping fit was one that I had read online but I had no energy or desire to until my third trimester and that was the point that I needed it the most to help me overcome lower back pain. This is the workout routine I have been doing consistently 3 times a week and its made me feel great, I have had so much more energy. Anna Saccone has workouts for each trimester as well as lots of other videos on other baby related topics too- check her out! There are lots of pregnancy workout videos online so have a look and pick the ones you enjoy doing.

As I’m now at the very end of my pregnancy I have learned so much about my body and all of the amazing things it can do when incubating and growing another human! I’m now preparing my mind and body for labour as well as ensuring that our home is ready for a third person! To be honest we were ready about 2 months ago but being super organised I cant help but double check everything! help!

What has been some of the advice that you’ve been given that you have found really really useful and some that you’ve found not so useful? I’d love to know 🙂 Email me fuschiasequins@gmail.com



Maternity fashion

I must say that since finding out that I was pregnant maintaining my personal style has been something that has taken a lot more thought and consideration. Over the years I had heard from my friends that are mums that they really struggled to find really nice trendy high street items to dress their bump and they were so right!

Celebrating my birthday earlier this year

During my first trimester (and much of my second trimester) I was luckily able to team many of my loose fitting tops and shirts with leggings (I bought a couple of sizes up from Zara, you can purchase the exact pair here) and maternity jeans from ASOS. I bought two pairs, which you can purchase the black pair here and the blue pair here. Being able to wear much of my existing items not only saved me a few pennies but also allowed me to maintain my style and dress my bump the way I wanted.

Continued birthday celebrations!

I found out I was expecting in September the winter months meant boots, jumpers and nice stretchy tops I could layer with. Now that the weather is warming up its a lovely change to be able to wear loose flow-y dresses that are comfortable.

This was at the very beginning of my second trimester, baby bump was not very visible at this point!


Dressing for the summer I must say is sooo much easier. Firstly wearing less layers is more comfortable for me. Also the warmer months marked the midway mark of my pregnancy which meant having a little more energy and nearing the finish line. I found that A-line dresses are perfect for growing bumps as well as fitted dresses made with a nice stretchy fabric are great too.

Thank you for reading my first pregnancy fashion post. If you’re a mum or are expecting I would love to hear about your experience with maternity fashion, leave me a comment or drop me an email at fuschiasequins@gmail.com


Here it goes

I have been toying with the idea and honestly just procrastinating as to whether I wanted to take my blog down this route. If you follow me on Instagram you’ll be aware that I recently revealed some exciting news that my husband and I are expecting our first child! 🙂

In my efforts to strictly keep my blog and other social media platforms strictly fashion, beauty and lifestyle I didn’t really want to steer my writings down this new path. However I figured that my blog should be a true reflection of who I am and in order for me to really post relevant topics, these should derive from my life as it is now.

My beauty posts have been the most popular reads on my blog but I hope that as I now take a slightly new route with my blog, you’ll still find my posts interesting and informative.

As always a big thank you to all my readers all over the world who read my blog and have found it useful in one way or another.

If you aren’t already follow my Instagram page @fuchsia__sequins for lots of new posts!

In the mean time new posts coming right up on the blog!! 😀

Beauty blender benefits

Being one who looks for ways to cut down on the 'getting ready' time I like to use make-up tools that will allow me to achieve a flawless look without having to spend too much time. To be fair unless you're an absolute pro, rushed make-up shows, so its best to allocate yourself enough time.

There are some parts of my make-up that I previously preferred to apply with my finger-tips including glittery eyeshadow, foundation and concealer. However, since discovering and using the beauty blender I much prefer the finish that I achieve when I use it. I only use it to conceal and contour but the finish is far more flawless and quicker than other methods.

The beauty blender also has a large surface area allowing you to blend out more product across the skin.

Before using the blender I wet mine and squeeze out excess water and I only use it to blend liquid products.

To clean my beauty blender I use any good moisturising bar soap, and using circular motions I cover the blender in soap, run under warm water and keep squeezing until all the soap is out and the blender is totally clean. I then leave it to dry naturally.

This is a great tool for applying all liquid make-up products, I haven't tried other brands yet but have so far enjoyed my experience of using this one. You can shop the beauty blender here.

I'd love to hear about the blending tools that you use and what you prefer to use.


Have a lovely weekend x

Relaxed hair care

The way we care for our hair has changed in recent the years. Over the last decade more and more women are caring for their hair using a diverse number of products. Wearing wigs of different colours and lengths allows all women to experiment with new looks switching from diva to princess in seconds! Our hair says something about us and whether you are daring with yours or not, the way we care for our hair does matter.

I have relaxed hair and I enjoy maintaining it but I’ve noticed that different processes produce different results, I’ll explain…when relaxing your hair how long it is conditioned for and the method used to dry it affects the finish and the texture. For example, after relaxing the hair if you choose to use a wrap mousse and then blow dry your hair the finished look is likely to be lighter, more silky and straighter with less body if you use a  dryer and comb. Setting your hair without heat can leave some kinks but also give more volume. Choosing to dry the hair after relaxing using a volumising mousse or setting rollers will give the hair far more volume, body and bounce as opposed to simply curling or straightening the hair.

Knowing your hair and the type of hair that you have is important to treating it correctly. Take time to look at how your hair reacts to different products and how different hairstyles affect your hair too. Some people have hair that grows when in plaits or when in a weave, others have identified the opposite effect.

Its also important to take note of the different textures of hair that are on your head. There are parts of the hair such as the hairline especially that can be fine and delicate, breaking easily when brushed too excessively. Some also have thinner hair at the crown of their heads. Take note of these and ensure that the hairstyles you choose to wear will benefit your hair in the long term.

Nutrition also plays a part in the care of our hair, look after your relaxed hair by drinking water and eating a healthy diet to ensure that your new growth is healthy and strong.

A regular trim of the ends of your hair does wonders for relaxed hair. Keep your tresses pretty and strong by having your hair dresser trim your ends often. Don’t be afraid of loosing length by trimming your hair, those little snips actually promote hair growth and can make hair healthier and longer.

If you don’t have time for your relaxed hair in the mornings try treatments that work on your hair during the night. A lot of brands have creams and moisturizers that get to work while you sleep. Shop around to find one that works best for you…Mizani have a product thats great and is only applied twice a week.

I hope this has been helpful.

Have a great week! x

I’m on social media!!

If you aren’t already, follow me on Instagram. My name on there is fuschia__sequins (with a double underscore). I’ll be posting more exclusive content, as well as my favourite make up looks, short product reviews and recommendations x

Christmas sparkly eyeshadow 

The festive season is well underway. So I thought I’d share my tip on keeping your glittery eye shadow in place, keeping you ‘selfie-ready’ and free to party all night long!

Always prep the eyes before applying eyeshadow. There are lots of really good primers on the market. I use one by MAC called Painterly Pot. Urban Decay and Smashbox also do great primersthat last all day.

This can be applied with your fourth finger all over the lid. You can also use a small flat foundation brush. (Another tip: use the painterly pot on your lips before applying lipsticks for a beautiful matte finish)

To keep that all important glittery eyeshadow in place spray your eyeshadow brush with MAC’s Prep+ Prime+. Pat any excess solution onto the back of your hand. Gently dab the brush into the eye shadow and apply on your lid.

Keep applying the eye shadow until you achieve the density you desire. Then apply your eyeliner and mascara.

Hope this helps!! 🙂 x

The 10 minute make-up routine 

No time for contouring today? Don’t worry! If you’ve got a long list of errands or simply don’t have the time, here’s my quick run through for make-up you can do in 6 easy steps.

1. Start with your brows. Give them a quick comb through using a brow comb. Begin by diagonally combing at the arch and then upwards at the beginning of your brows. Then fill in using Sleek’s eyebrow kit (start with the wax then the powder). I use an angled brow brush, you can pick one up from most good cosmetic shops including Boots and Superdrug.

2. Prime your skin, I like to use the Kiko mat base corrector. If you have oily or dry skin priming is important. I have oily skin so use a primer just on my t-zone (forehead, nose and chin).

3. Apply your foundation. I use a rounded silk finish brush from Zoeva. This gives good even coverage and a streak free finish.

4. MAC’s studio sculpt concealer is perfect for covering dark circles under the eyes. Squirt a small dot onto your little finger and make 4 dots along the bottom of the eye from the inner corner to the outside. Blend the concealer into the skin, gently patting it into the skin using a beauty blender sponge.

5. Apply mascara liberally to lashes. Bourjois Liner Effect Mascara is great at catching all the little lashes too.

6. Lastly, apply your favourite nude lipstick after lining the lips with a natural lip pencil. I use chestnut by MAC as a lip liner and touch by MAC for a nude lipstick.

If you try this and it takes you a little longer to do that’s fine, don’t worry. Once you’ve got the hang of the routine you’ll develop a pattern and each subsequent application will become quicker and easier.

Let me know your quick make-up routines or if this works for you xx

Wearing white 

When do we wear white? When is it offensive? Why is it offensive? It’s just another colour right?

The rule originated in America where white was worn between Memorial day and Labor day, which was summer. There are other rules such as not wearing white to weddings and funerals. The general rule is that when attending a wedding avoid a white floor length dress as the only woman who should be in white is the bride.

White in many cultures is seen as a celebratory colour, a celebration of life. Especially in the Ghanaian tradition, where I am from, White is worn to traditional wedding ceremonies, christenings and a combination of black and white patterned cloth is also worn to funerals. In China the celebratory colour is red, the bride wears red on her wedding day to symbolise luck and fortune.

Looking at fashion today white is pretty much worn all year round but is still not readily available in the shops until the summer. For me the wearing of white symbolises light, freedom, happiness, celebration and a sense of cleanliness and purity.

I’m pretty strict on myself when it comes to coordinating my clothes so white makes a frequent appearance in a lot of the things I wear. It compliments every colour effortlessly and as a result classic white shirts are a wardrobe staple I can’t do without. In saying this I rarely wear white from head to toe but would rather compliment this with another colour. When wearing all white I avoid wearing dark coloured shoes but instead opt for a neutral coloured shoe.

When it comes to fashion the rules are there as a guide, your individuality is your style/brand and wearing white at anytime of the year can look great! 🙂
I hope you’re all having a great week x

Rekindling the love

Time really can and is passing by extremely quickly, this can cause you to somehow forget the things you enjoy doing, whilst doing all of the important things.

When I started writing this blog, one thing I was adamant about was making FuschiaSequins different, relevant and useful. There are a tonne of great blogs out there and I was passionate about making mine one of those. To be honest I’m still unsure what the niche is for mine and for that reason I had decided to lay it to rest until I had identified that ‘thing’. Well, its 2016 (a whole year later!) and I don’t think I’m there yet, lol.

I do believe however, that things evolve and change and its only from continuing to write that I will really find what it is that I want to say through these posts. So… 🙂 this is me saying I’m back on the blogging scene hoping to bring you a plethora of interesting topics! Thank you to all of you who have encouraged me to start writing again, you’ve given me that extra push x

Hope you’ve had a fantastic start to the new year!