New favourite eyeliner

I like to share great products and tell you why I think they are fantastic, because sharing is caring 🙂 I bought an eyeliner from Sephora in Paris a few months back and I am really really impressed with it. Well I was pretty excited with it before purchase after trying it on the back of my hand, I had a pretty good feeling about it! I haven’t always expected much from make-up brands that stock other brands but I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of this eyeliner. First of all there are a lot of eyeliners with a matte finish that can be rather dull and end up looking almost grey, this isn’t one of them. The colour is truly black when it dries and is beautifully matte, even over glittery eyeshadows.

The other reason this eyeliner is great is that its the perfect consistency, some eyeliners can be too watery and can run during application; this doesn’t and dries really quickly once applied.

It also washes off really easily and you can create almost any look with it. One down side that I should mention is that its applicator isn’t the best, the fibres on the ends start to fray a little after some time which can be a little annoying when trying to achieve that prefect smooth line, so I do go over it with another liner brush to ensure I have the look that I want.

I love that I can apply this eyeliner on its own without any eyeshadow (and even over my slightly oily eyelids and no primer) I get a flawless matte finish. There are other brands such as Dior who do great eyeliners but if you’re looking for something a little cheaper, Sephora’s colourful eyeliner is a purchase you wont regret. For the MUA’s it comes in lots of cool colours too!

Have a great day!


Claudia x


This came to me as I looked around town this afternoon; what is our fascination with wearing black? Is it that we find comfort and warmth in this rich colour. A shade that requires no need to match with another colour and takes little effort in the morning. Whether it’s faded, leather, patent, linen, wool or cotton in Europe we simply love wearing black. It can make a bold statement, it’s certainly flattering on all skin shades, and it can convey a sense of mystery too.

BUT there’s something bold and adventurous about playing with colour. That red jacket, those deep purple shoes and that bright yellow bag. Why don’t we venture into this utopia of colour and dare to cloth ourselves in shades brighter than the melancholy tones that automatically blend us into our surroundings?

I know that there are those to whom this entire post doesn’t apply but for others it’s the difference between wearing a bright lippy, changing their nail colour to something slightly more daring or simply opting not to wear those ‘safe’ black jeans (again!).

When packing for a beach holiday I seem to be able to weed out all of my neon, florals and brighter shades out of my wardrobe without second thought, so I definitely think my clothing choices are heavily dependent on what the weatherman says. Rain seems to just create an instant desire to slip into neutral shades like grey and black often completed with denim.

Over the past few years I’ve experimented with colour a lot more. Why not? Variety is the spice of life after all (where clothing, lippy’s and shoes are concerned of course lol). There are enough mundane and drab things in life, let not your clothing be one of them 🙂

So if you’re reading this and thinking this is sooo me then try introducing some colour on your next shop, it won’t be instant but overtime start to wear your brighter shades. Don’t wait for summer there are lots of brands that do great winter knits in some fab colours.

Keep an open mind, be brave and don’t get a black winter coat this year. Live life in colour (gosh that sounds cheesy! Lol)

Hope you’ve had a lovely day

Claudia x