So Rihanna has launched her make-up range and we are absolutely loving it. The range of colours and the variety of products has got everyone super excited and I must admit I cant wait to try it out for myself.

Fenty Beauty Foundation

But when shopping for a new beauty product what are some of the things that you look out for that tell you whether its going to be a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’. Apart from testing a product on the back of your hand and possibly trying it on how can you be sure that what you are getting is worth parting with your precious pounds?

It can be a game of trial and error with lots of artificial lighting at cosmetic booths and the lure of all these beautiful shades that feel right when you’re in the store. I’d say don’t rush it but rather ask for a sample (especially foundation and concealer) and test it at home or pop out of the store and take a look in the day light. By doing this you’ll quickly be able to spot if a colour is ashy for your skin or if the undertone is right for you.

From experience I’ve found that some of the foundation brands develop the darker shades of foundation with a very red/orange undertone that can be rather unflattering in daylight but looks great under artificial light, so do watch out for this.

NARS Foundation

For eyeliners a test on the back of your hand is sufficient. A good eyeliner shouldn’t run when you draw a line on the back of your hand. Also wait for it to dry on your hand to see what the finished product will look like – is it really black or more of a dull grey?

MAC Liquid Eyeliner

The same can be said of primers too, put a little on the back of your hand and rub in gently. Once dry, asses how it feels, is it too drying? Too glossy? Decide the make-up look you’d like to go for whether is matte or dewy and buy accordingly.

I hope this helps you when make-up shopping. If you have any questions please do feel free to ask in the comments section or via email

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Could we just take a brief moment to applaud the style genius who is Celine Dion’s stylist? I have to say that her creativity and eye for colour is something else! I love each and every single one of these outfits. She certainly knows what suits her an is unafraid to explore shapes and fit. Check these lovely outfits out!

2017 Billboard Music Awards - Showceline celineceline dionceline in blackjceline in checkceline in redGiambattista Valli show, Fall Winter 2017, Haute Couture Fashion Week, Paris, France - 03 Jul 2017celine purpleceline yellowceline dion

New favourite eyeliner

I like to share great products and tell you why I think they are fantastic, because sharing is caring 🙂 I bought an eyeliner from Sephora in Paris a few months back and I am really really impressed with it. Well I was pretty excited with it before purchase after trying it on the back of my hand, I had a pretty good feeling about it! I haven’t always expected much from make-up brands that stock other brands but I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of this eyeliner. First of all there are a lot of eyeliners with a matte finish that can be rather dull and end up looking almost grey, this isn’t one of them. The colour is truly black when it dries and is beautifully matte, even over glittery eyeshadows.

The other reason this eyeliner is great is that its the perfect consistency, some eyeliners can be too watery and can run during application; this doesn’t and dries really quickly once applied.

It also washes off really easily and you can create almost any look with it. One down side that I should mention is that its applicator isn’t the best, the fibres on the ends start to fray a little after some time which can be a little annoying when trying to achieve that prefect smooth line, so I do go over it with another liner brush to ensure I have the look that I want.

I love that I can apply this eyeliner on its own without any eyeshadow (and even over my slightly oily eyelids and no primer) I get a flawless matte finish. There are other brands such as Dior who do great eyeliners but if you’re looking for something a little cheaper, Sephora’s colourful eyeliner is a purchase you wont regret. For the MUA’s it comes in lots of cool colours too!

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The post about liquid eyeliner

I’ll admit that in my early make up days applying liquid liner was the most difficult stage of the entire process. I wanted the finished look on my eyes to be clean, equal on both eyes and smudge free. It would take me the good part of 5 minutes to apply this black liquid on one eye (whilst trying to avoid my eyes watering) before then trying to replicate what I’d done onto my left eye too. 

Now there are stencils and liner-pens that make the entire process less painstaking and quick. I love the way eyeliner accentuate and change the shape of the eye and provides the perfect backdrop to apply lashes too. For an item that was invented around 10,000 BC when Egyptian men and women lined all around the eyes with this dark substance, it’s use has become far more widespread with Gothic and Punk fashion all adopting the eye make up.

I have one particular liquid liner that I’ve used for a few years now which is Bourjois Liner Pinceau Very Long Lasting Eyeliner. I like the matte black finish it gives and the brush allows for a beautifully smooth and neat line. I’m a fan of the winged eye-liner and feel that this complements my eye shape the best. For me the ease of application is just as important as the substance itself- so get a liner with a good brush and you’re half way there! 

I’ve watched a few tutorials on the application of liner and there are a multitude of tricks and tips online to help you achieve the perfect look. When applying mine, I begin on the inner corner and work my way out forming the winged shape towards the last quarter of my eye by creating two lines that meet and filling in the middle. I prefer not to apply my liner past my brows.

I’ve briefly experimented with using the eyeliner pencil but found that some brands are not very soft and can cause you to pull on what is very delicate skin. I use the pencil instead as a tight line, applying it the the skin directly after the eye, the inner lid.
 It would be great to hear about what eyeliners you use. And whether you pick your eyeliners based on the overall look you’re trying to achieve. Please leave your comments 😊

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