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This week I placed an order with a lashes company in the UK called Demure Lashes. I like to think that I’m all set when it comes to my make-up products and lashes because I’ve found a set of brands that I really like. However, when browsing on their website I couldn’t help but try a couple of their styles for myself. I decided to buy Marina and Chloe.

The Marina lashes are very thick  and are definitely for a glamorous evening look. They were super easy to put on because of the natural curvature of the lash and using the right glue meant they stayed put all day. Due to the slightly thicker band on this style of lash I would recommend giving your lash glue a little more time to get tacky before applying to make sure that they stick well. If you aren’t a regular lash wearer, be patient and keep a steady hand to ensure you can really get the lashes as close to the base of your own lashes as possible to achieve the best look.

I usually prefer to wear lashes with an invisible band which are popular with the wispy style of lashes that you often find with Naturalash or Ardell lashes. When I saw that Demure lashes had the wispy style with the invisible band I had to try these too.

Both lashes are completely different in the finished look that they give but for an everyday wear I would happily wear the Chloe style. They are so light and give a lovely soft look with or without eyeliner.

If you would like to find out more check out the Demure Lashes website or visit their Instagram page

Here are some pics 🙂

Enjoy the rest of your weekend x

Marina lashes
Chloe lashes
Demure Lashes
Demure Lashes


Lash alert

False lashes – Applying eyelash extensions to the eyes in order to enhance the length and volume of the lashes. If like me it took you a while to get used to the application and use of false lashes and glue you’ll appreciate all of the great products there are on the market now. Great applicators, glues and of course the lashes themselves. I have been wearing lashes for a few years now would like to share some tips with you all:

When choosing your style of lash consider the look that you wish to achieve. This could be dramatic, flirty, bold, simple, natural etc. and buy the lashes that compliment the look you’re going for.

Before applying your lashes always check that they are the right length for your eyes. Your lashes shouldn’t end after your eyes or begin too close to the tear duct. If they are too long, cut them to size with a pair of cosmetic scissors. The perfect length for a natural look is measuring from the inner eye where your lashes begin right through to the outer part of the eye.

My favourite eyelash glue is by Eyelure. It’s a white glue that dries clear. It doesn’t have a strong smell and holds lashes beautifully all day! I’ve tried lots of others and I really do think this is the best on the market. You can pick up a bottle at any big Boots store. Our eyes are precious and its important that we don’t damage our own lashes. I like this glue because I can carefully remove my false lashes at the end of the day without pulling on my own lashes.

If you have a shaky hand when applying lashes use tweezers and don’t allow the glue on the lash to become too tacky before applying. If you allow the glue to dry too much and find its not where you want it you can easily move it then gently hold it in place until dry.

Apply the lash to the very base of your eyelid to create a much more natural finish. You can use the opposite end of the tweezers (the non-tweezing side) to smooth down the lash and ensure that its resting securely on your lashes.

I always apply my lashes AFTER my eyeliner, so even if you don’t quite get the lashes neatly on the base of your eyelid its not as evident.

Allow your lashes to dry completely before continuing with the rest of your make-up.

If you wear your lashes more than once always clean off the excess glue in-between wears using tweezers or warm water on a cotton bud.

Keeping your lashes in their case keeps them in shape and dust and dirt free.

If you like extra volume apply your mascara before putting your lashes on. This adds depth to even the thinnest of false lashes.


I hope this helps! x