Third trimester fashion

So as my pregnancy develops and my baby bump becomes bigger I’m having to adjust my wardrobe quite a bit. Finding what is comfortable and also looks nice can be a bit of a challenge.

They say everyone carries differently in pregnancy which is indeed true even for one person your bump can be different from one pregnancy to another.

Top – Zara, Skirt – H&M

The biggest change I’ve noticed is how soon I was showing with this pregnancy. Having an elongated bump means opting for longer tops that cover my bump in its entirety. This also meant going for over the bump maternity jeans and midi-length dresses.

Jumper – Weekday, Skirt – H&M

As I don’t have much longer to go I won’t be adding any new pieces to my wardrobe but I have started thinking about my wardrobe post baby. Especially the weeks/months following the birth which I remember were filled with lots of breastfeeding! Being a nursing mum means ensuring that I’m wearing items I can easily feed in whether I’m at home or out and about. For me tops that button up are the most convenient. I’m not a fan of having to hoist up my t-shirt in order to feed my child so having to just undo a couple of buttons to allow baby to quickly latch on worked best for me.

Here are some ‘breastfeeding friendly’ dresses that I quite like:

And Other Stories
Isabel Marant

As always thank you for reading and I hope you found this useful if you’re an expecting mum x

Maternity fashion

I must say that since finding out that I was pregnant maintaining my personal style has been something that has taken a lot more thought and consideration. Over the years I had heard from my friends that are mums that they really struggled to find really nice trendy high street items to dress their bump and they were so right!

Celebrating my birthday earlier this year

During my first trimester (and much of my second trimester) I was luckily able to team many of my loose fitting tops and shirts with leggings (I bought a couple of sizes up from Zara, you can purchase the exact pair here) and maternity jeans from ASOS. I bought two pairs, which you can purchase the black pair here and the blue pair here. Being able to wear much of my existing items not only saved me a few pennies but also allowed me to maintain my style and dress my bump the way I wanted.

Continued birthday celebrations!

I found out I was expecting in September the winter months meant boots, jumpers and nice stretchy tops I could layer with. Now that the weather is warming up its a lovely change to be able to wear loose flow-y dresses that are comfortable.

This was at the very beginning of my second trimester, baby bump was not very visible at this point!


Dressing for the summer I must say is sooo much easier. Firstly wearing less layers is more comfortable for me. Also the warmer months marked the midway mark of my pregnancy which meant having a little more energy and nearing the finish line. I found that A-line dresses are perfect for growing bumps as well as fitted dresses made with a nice stretchy fabric are great too.

Thank you for reading my first pregnancy fashion post. If you’re a mum or are expecting I would love to hear about your experience with maternity fashion, leave me a comment or drop me an email at



Could we just take a brief moment to applaud the style genius who is Celine Dion’s stylist? I have to say that her creativity and eye for colour is something else! I love each and every single one of these outfits. She certainly knows what suits her an is unafraid to explore shapes and fit. Check these lovely outfits out!

2017 Billboard Music Awards - Showceline celineceline dionceline in blackjceline in checkceline in redGiambattista Valli show, Fall Winter 2017, Haute Couture Fashion Week, Paris, France - 03 Jul 2017celine purpleceline yellowceline dion

New lippy alert!!

Hi everyone! I know its been ages…but I didn’t really want to post anything until I had a product review or an outfit post to put up. Dont forget that you can follow me on my instagram page @fuschia__sequins where I post a few times a week 🙂

Okay so I had a short trip to Dubai recently and I absolutely loved it. The thriving city oozes luxury and class at every turn. I got some time to browse around Dubai Mall and loved the plethora of brands that were on offer. these weren’t just the big brands we all know and love but there were many that were local too such as Charles and Keith they had some gorgeous shoes and bags and guess what…they ship to lots if countries so check them out!

I of course had to pop into Sephora and have a look at what they have. It was a pretty big branch. Being a lover of matte lipsticks I was looking for a really nice nude shade to add to my collection as most of my matte lippys are either pinks or reds. I probably tried about 30 on the back of my hand then I stumbled across the Gucci Spring Rose Matte Lipstick. Now I know what your thinking Gucci may be a little much for a simple lippy but the richness of the colour and the texture on my skin left me unable to put it down.

Although being a rosey pink when you first look at it on brown skin the shade is definitely a nude beige colour. I have tried lots of Sleeks, Rimmel, Maybelline. Loreal matte lipsticks and also mid-range ones such as MAC and NARS and I can honestly say that the finish of this was totally different. The matte is also velvet to the touch and lasts! I did also wear this with a lip primer to further enhance the colour.colour swabFullSizeRender

This purchase was an investment piece that I know I’ll be wearing for a while 🙂 I’d love to hear your thoughts if you have used any of Gucci’s other make-up products and your thoughts on them.

Thank you for reading,

Claudia x

Not forgotten

Its been an entire 14 days since I last posted on here and I must say that I’ve really missed it. Things have been a little busy but I’m throughly looking forward to sharing some more beauty and fashion posts with you all really soon xx

Cannes Film Festival 2017

I do like a bit of glamour every now and again and there was lashings of it at this years Cannes Film Festival, is love to go to this one day. Check out some of the outfits I liked 🙂 xx

Where to shop – tips

When it comes to shopping on the UK high street compared with other countries I’d say we are pretty spoilt for choice. Whether you like to stay on trend with the latest looks or are looking for something a little quirky or different you’ll be sure to find something you love and within your budget. We are at a time in fashion where you can look great for less with some of our most loved brands creating stunning pieces at great prices.

Having lived in London for many years there were certain brands that I could bank on to find a gem for an occasion or to simply freshen up my wardrobe. Now with internet shopping being so conveniently at our finger-tips, finding what you need online saves the trip to multiple shops and trying on item after item. Personally, I prefer trying on what I buy and saving myself the annoyance of having an item delivered and finding the fit isn’t right (especially if I’m pressed for time). I also like feeling the material, looking at the finishing and judging the quality before making a purchase.

If like me you don’t mind shopping in stores then sample sales are a great way to find good quality clothing at a great price. I follow who always has the latest sample sales on their site. They often share sample sale dates and location for brands such as Reiss, Temperley and Mulberry but to name a few! So do check it out.

Speaking of Reiss, they also have an outlet website where you can find items for both men and women at a discounted cost, you can access the site here.

For special occasion wear Karen Millen has an outlet site where you can find wedding guest ready dresses too.

If you’re looking for boutique brands as well as some more established names such as Diane von Furstenburg then check out  they have a great selection of men and women’s designer fashion plus homeware all at reduced prices.

Lastly all over the UK you can find entire outlet shopping centres that have many of the well known brands covering sportswear, beauty, women’s fashion and more including London Designer Outlet Wembley, Freeport Braintree in Essex and Bicester Village in Oxford. There are many more around the UK and Europe, you can find the full list of them here.

I hope you find this helpful!

Claudia x


Heel me up

I’m a huge fan of high heeled shoes, they are my footwear of choice! High heels change your posture, the way you walk and most noticeably your height! They are the common shoe of choice on catwalks and are our go to footwear when we want to ‘glam up’. Considering high heels have apparently been around since 1553(!!) it seems us women have always had a little bit of a thing for these types of shoes.

What interests me the most however are court shoes or pumps as they are known in the USA. Court shoes originated from the medieval fashion traditions of the wealthy in Europe and have been popular ever since. In Margo DeMello’s book Feet and Footwear: A Cultural Encyclopedia, she states that the first heels were actually worn by noblemen who sported a heel on their boots. Heels were traditionally made of staked leather or wood (which must have been rather heavy!). She also mentions that prior to this time high heeled shoes were only possible in the form of clogs or elevated sandals with many cultures adapting their won type of elevated footwear such as the Japanese geta, the turkish stilted sandal and the chinese flower pot shoe.

chinese flower pot shoe
Chinese flower pot shoe

japanese geta
Japanese geta

turksih stilted sandal
Turkish stilted sandal

I’m so thankful for the creative minds who continued to develop this beautiful idea for a heeled shoes and the creative directors that bring us beautiful designs season after season – thank you!

I love a good court shoe not just for its classy elegance but also because they are super versatile, you can dress them down for a casual outfit or can glam it up for any special event.

For your viewing pleasure here are some pretty cool court shoes from one of my favourite shoe brands Rupert Sanderson.


Claudia x



I’ve deliberated about what I want this blog to actually focus on. There are a plethora of blogs that cover (in detail) fashion, travel, beauty, lifestyle in different ways and I often think that all bases have been covered BUT in actual fact we are all so different and we were all born unique and its in finding what makes us different is what truly sets us apart. Sometimes finding what that ‘thing’ is can be a journey because of the endless amounts of similarities that we find with others. As I post pictures on my Instagram page and think of new content for my blog I’m increasingly being driven to think a little bit more deeply about what it is that defines me as Claudia. What is it that really moves me, what motivates me how am I different to those around me. I think about this in the context if branding quite a lot as it is something for which I have a passion.

To think about what makes me the same as another would be rather easy, we can use similarity to find belonging within a group or a movement but sharing what defines you and makes you stand out can initially be daunting. Why be daunted by something that can become beautiful? Pushing past where you normally stop and challenging yourself daily can be a road to discovery of what truly makes you unique.

I guess all that I would like to say in this post is that if you’ve been wondering lately what it is that makes you different, don’t give up on that journey of discovery because you will find it. Look for it in the comments you receive from others on the way you do things. Look for it in the things that bring you joy and satisfaction. Look for it in the things that make you smile helplessly or give you butterflies in your stomach. Look for it in the things that uncontrollably excite you and bring out your creativity.

Enjoy this gloriously sunny Sunday!


Claudia x


Quality vs. Cost

If you’re a regular shopper you would have seen stores such as New Look and Primark taking inspiration from the designs of premium brands like Chanel and Valentino (to name a few). More often than not the difference is rather obvious, like the use of fake or real leather for example.

In London it’s easy to find some real bargains but it’s also easy to collate a large amount of substandard items that bubble shrink or lose their shape after a few wears.

But how do you know if an item of clothing is of good quality? Check the label, what is it made from? Is it pure cotton? Pure wool? Real leather? Genuine leather has a distinctive smell to it. What’s the finishing like on the item? If it’s a shirt check the cuffs and edges for a clean sew, try it on and check how well the collar sits. If it’s a pair of trousers check that the waist fits well, test the zip, does it have a good fastening such as a button or a hook? When a good pair of trousers are true to size they will usually feel snug with just a hidden zip and hook and eye. YKK make the best quality zips so check for their branding on zippers.

When it comes to deciding whether to buy a quality item or a cheap item, opting for the more quality item works out more cost effective in the long run. Why? Because it’s likely that the cheaper item will soon need replacing whereas the quality item may only need a much smaller investment such as the cost of dry-cleaning.

So what high street retailers do I trust when it comes to quality at a good price? First and foremost French Connection; they combine quality and value effortlessly. Next is Hobbs, yes I know what you’re thinking lol but these guys aren’t just for the over 40’s they have some great classic pieces. I do prefer their accessories and shirts but I bought a great pair of snake-skin white pumps from there in the summer and they are by far the most comfortable shoes I own. Gap, Banana Republic and Reiss also have my vote. When you’re out (and have the time) try the shops you wouldn’t usually enter. Marks and Spencer have some great gems in their Limited Collection and Autograph ranges.

But let me stress that I speak purely on experience, don’t rule out all the other stores to purchase your wardrobe essentials. Mixing and matching quality items with basics is great. You must always cut your coat according to your size; buy what you can afford and upgrade when it’s financially viable for you to do so.

Hope you’ve all had a fabulous weekend!

Claudia x