New lippy alert!!

Hi everyone! I know its been ages…but I didn’t really want to post anything until I had a product review or an outfit post to put up. Dont forget that you can follow me on my instagram page @fuschia__sequins where I post a few times a week 🙂

Okay so I had a short trip to Dubai recently and I absolutely loved it. The thriving city oozes luxury and class at every turn. I got some time to browse around Dubai Mall and loved the plethora of brands that were on offer. these weren’t just the big brands we all know and love but there were many that were local too such as Charles and Keith they had some gorgeous shoes and bags and guess what…they ship to lots if countries so check them out!

I of course had to pop into Sephora and have a look at what they have. It was a pretty big branch. Being a lover of matte lipsticks I was looking for a really nice nude shade to add to my collection as most of my matte lippys are either pinks or reds. I probably tried about 30 on the back of my hand then I stumbled across the Gucci Spring Rose Matte Lipstick. Now I know what your thinking Gucci may be a little much for a simple lippy but the richness of the colour and the texture on my skin left me unable to put it down.

Although being a rosey pink when you first look at it on brown skin the shade is definitely a nude beige colour. I have tried lots of Sleeks, Rimmel, Maybelline. Loreal matte lipsticks and also mid-range ones such as MAC and NARS and I can honestly say that the finish of this was totally different. The matte is also velvet to the touch and lasts! I did also wear this with a lip primer to further enhance the colour.colour swabFullSizeRender

This purchase was an investment piece that I know I’ll be wearing for a while 🙂 I’d love to hear your thoughts if you have used any of Gucci’s other make-up products and your thoughts on them.

Thank you for reading,

Claudia x

Levels to save time

Depending on how long I have to get ready to leave the house I have developed a ‘level’ grading of what to include or leave out of my make up regime. I thought I’d share my level 1 or basic make-up routine with you and I hope it will help you too.

The Level 1: This is the very basic make up and should take about 20 minutes to complete. I begin by preparing my skin using Kiko Mat Base Corrector Primer. I always always prime my face, no matter how little the make-up, if you have oily skin your foundation will last longer when you’ve prepared your skin well.

I then fill in my brows using the Sleek Browkit. This can be done fairly quickly with a good angled brush, you can pick a good one up at Superdrug for a few pounds. Once I have done this I define my brows using a flat brush from Kiko number 210 using a drop of MAC’s pro longwear concealer mixed with my foundation. I mix the concealer and foundation for a more natural look and to avoid the light halo effect around my eyebrows.

Using a medium sized concealer brush I then blend around the brows to smooth in the concealer/foundation into the area around my brows. I also use this same mixture on my dark areas (underneath my eyes) and moving out along my cheek bone- this is pretty much all the contour I’ll do. You can choose to add some of this vertically down the centre of your face from the middle of your forehead, down your nose and a dab on the middle of your chin to create more contrast. Always blend in with a make up sponge.

Once I’ve defined , I grab my Sephora colourful eyeliner in black and apply. I like my liner to be bold and clean and as I’m not wearing any eyeshadow or lashes, my liner should make the statement :). I follow this with some mascara.

After this I apply my foundation using Zoeva’s brush 104, this gives a beautifully smooth finish.

Then I apply my favourite lip liner and lipstick and I’m ready to go!

With some practice this should take 20 minutes or less and is a great quick make-up routine to complete when you’re in a rush.

Have a great day!


Claudia x

High shine

In all my time of wearing make-up I must say that lip gloss for me hasn’t been my go to item. I’m a lover of matte lipsticks, mostly because of their excellent staying power (even after meals) and there are a large amount of brands who have got the formula just right. My annoyance with lip gloss is its ability to almost move around the lips giving an incomplete or sometimes half applied look. The more high end brands that i’ve tried which do promise more staying power tend to be incredibly sticky and hard to remove. I have found that when combined with a good moisturizing lipstick many lip glosses can stay put for some time and in the winter they can go some way to keeping your lips from becoming dry and chapped but I have been (so far) unconvinced of their other capabilities. However the search continues and I am open to trying other brands and seeing if I can find one that works for me. Please do share your favourite lip gloss brands and colours with me 🙂

Thank you for reading,


Claudia x

Return of the matte

From as far back as I can remember I have always preferred the matte look when it comes to make up. Matte lips and most certainly matte eyeshadow. The shine and gloss didn’t really appeal to me, largely because I have an oily t-zone, so any feature that further highlighted this was a no no for me. 

I have and still am trailing different primers/and moisturisers that will keep my skin shine free and moisturise my skin- it’s a tough balance to achieve but for the majority of the day I can rely on my no.7 primer to keep those oils at bay. Anyway I digress…

Matte lipsticks for me are a perfect day and evening look, I find the colour to be richer and I can create better lip definition then I can with a lip pencil (at times). Although I often (in the working week) prefer to stick with more nude/neutral tones, matte lipsticks for me have a staying power that moisturising or high shine lipsticks lack.

There are numerous brands that execute the matte lipstick well and have created a range of colours that provide that full coverage and ultra classic look.

If you’re a fan of MAC products you will already be familiar with the world renowned Ruby Woo lipstick, I’m yet to find a lipstick that provides such high colour intensity and is suited to almost every skin tone. When worn alone however it does tend to flake so teaming it with a good lipstick of a similar shade works rather well. Other very good matte shades from MAC that I’ve tried include Pink Pigeon, Flat Out Fabulous, Kinda Sexy, Please Me and Taupe. 

There are a wealth of other good brands not exclusive of but including Revlon, Nars, Bobbi Brown and more value for money offerings like NYX and MUA from Superdrug who also sell a nice selection of matte lipsticks.

If you’re new to lipsticks or haven’t found the shade(s) that work for you do keep searching and don’t limit yourself to the brands that you usually use. The brands that make great foundations may not necessarily be experts when it comes to lipsticks.

Mixing shades can also give you even better tones. Lightly dabbing a darker moisturising lipstick on the lips before applying a lighter matte lipstick can create rich tones and lasting colour that endures all the conversation and food consumption of a normal day.

Hope you’ve enjoyed reading this post and would love to hear all about your favourite matte lipsticks and the tips you use to make them last throughout the day.

Enjoy your weekend! X

The Pink lip đź’„

There’s something fun about bright pink lipsticks that add an instant wow-factor to your finished look. But getting the right shade is important. There are lots of glossy shades that I prefer to wear in the summer or in the evenings but matte shades (I find) work best at any time and in any season.

MAC have a great selection of pink shades that work well on their own or when combined with other shades for that glam ombrĂ© look. My top 3 MAC pink shades are ‘Girl About Town’ ‘Please Me’ and ‘Speak Louder’.

These are all bright fun shades that look great when worn alone or with another colour. I don’t often team these with a lip liner but if you want to then MAC’s ‘More to Love’ is great. I often actually wear this liner as a lipstick because it’s such a lovely shade and lasts for hours and hours.

Sleek also do a great matte lippy called ‘Mystik’ this is more of a purply pink but is perfectly matte and again lasts almost all day. I haven’t always been a fan of Sleek but their lipstick range is pretty cool, they have some really rich colours, it’s worth checking out.

My absolute favourite pink lippy however, is by Estèe Lauder and you’ll never guess what it’s called… ‘Fuschia Fever’ of course! Lol! This Lippy is just lovely, it’s moisturizing and gives great coverage for a lipstick that’s got a shine to it. It’s long lasting and you’ll hardly need to touch up after eating. Again I don’t wear lip liner with this, but if you’d like to MAC’s ‘More to Love’ is an excellent match. Or for an OmbrĂ© look use MAC’s ‘Rebel’ lightly on the outer edge but make sure you blend it well with a small lip brush.

What are your favourite pink lipsticks?

Hope you’ve had a fab Monday!

Claudia x


A beginners ramblings!…

Soooo…Here it goes! After much procrastination, requests from colleagues and friends (AND! changing where my blog is hosted lol), I’ve finally taken the bold step in sharing my views on all things hair, fashion and beauty! 🙂 I’m really excited about this and hope you enjoy reading about my interests! I promise to ensure regular updates and something that (will hopefully) be different from the norm.


Have a fab day!


Claudia x