New lippy alert!!

Hi everyone! I know its been ages…but I didn’t really want to post anything until I had a product review or an outfit post to put up. Dont forget that you can follow me on my instagram page @fuschia__sequins where I post a few times a week 🙂

Okay so I had a short trip to Dubai recently and I absolutely loved it. The thriving city oozes luxury and class at every turn. I got some time to browse around Dubai Mall and loved the plethora of brands that were on offer. these weren’t just the big brands we all know and love but there were many that were local too such as Charles and Keith they had some gorgeous shoes and bags and guess what…they ship to lots if countries so check them out!

I of course had to pop into Sephora and have a look at what they have. It was a pretty big branch. Being a lover of matte lipsticks I was looking for a really nice nude shade to add to my collection as most of my matte lippys are either pinks or reds. I probably tried about 30 on the back of my hand then I stumbled across the Gucci Spring Rose Matte Lipstick. Now I know what your thinking Gucci may be a little much for a simple lippy but the richness of the colour and the texture on my skin left me unable to put it down.

Although being a rosey pink when you first look at it on brown skin the shade is definitely a nude beige colour. I have tried lots of Sleeks, Rimmel, Maybelline. Loreal matte lipsticks and also mid-range ones such as MAC and NARS and I can honestly say that the finish of this was totally different. The matte is also velvet to the touch and lasts! I did also wear this with a lip primer to further enhance the colour.colour swabFullSizeRender

This purchase was an investment piece that I know I’ll be wearing for a while 🙂 I’d love to hear your thoughts if you have used any of Gucci’s other make-up products and your thoughts on them.

Thank you for reading,

Claudia x

My top 4 products for

When I first realised that I had an oily t-zone I tried lots of different methods to keep my skin shine free throughout the day. I later learnt that having a good skin care routine before applying my makeup was just as important as the foundation I wore and any blotting powder or paper that I could buy. Although this may sound obvious fried and oily foods doesn’t help oily skin and regular exercise can also help keep your oily skin at bay. Do some research into the foods that can help and see how you can adjust your diet to help.

So aside from the things you can do on the inside here are the primers that I like to use that keep my skin shine free:

I used the No. 7 primer for a few years and I really liked it. With a pearly cream texture its easy to work into the skin with your fingers. For me it doesn’t quite last all day and I did find my oily skin breaking through after about 6 hours. You can purchase this from Boots

No. 7 Beautifully Matte Primer
MAC’s prep + prime spray is the primer and finisher i’m currently using because i like the finish it gives my make up. I don’t use pressed powders on top of my foundation/concealer so I like the dewy finish that this gives me yet still manages to keep my oily skin at bay. Available at MAC

MAC Prep +Prime Spray
Kiko’s mat base really surprised me because I wasn’t expecting it to be as effective as it was. My reservation about it is that it dries incredibly hard and even when I use just a little it feels really harsh on my skin. I tend not to use it so much now but I know i can really on it for really long days when I just have to stay shine free. Note that with this primer your application must be smooth as it can affect the finish of your foundation. Available here Kiko 

kiko mat base
Kiko Mat Base Primer
This is one of my cheap favourites, Rimmel’s primer feels just like applying a cool moisturiser to your face. Although its hold on oil doesn’t last all day it is effective for between 4-5 hours. This primer does well not to suck all moisture from your skin and is so smooth to apply meaning that your foundation will look flawless too. Available at Boots

Rimmel Stay Matte Primer
I hope this helps you. I’d love to hear your thoughts if you’ve tried any of these primers or you have some to recommend that have worked well for you.

Have a great week!

Claudia x

New beauty buys!!

I’ve had these lipsticks for a while but didn’t really want to write about them until I had used them and could give an honest review. A few months back I bought a couple of new lipsticks and an eyeshadow from H and M’s new make -up collection. I’m a little suspicious when a clothing line branches into accessories or make-up as I sometimes assume that the quality wont be like that of the bigger brands such as MAC, Maybelline etc.

I was pleasantly surprised to learn that the quality of both the lipsticks and the eyeshadow were really good! The lipsticks I bought are called You’re Golden and Electric Peach and both have a metallic finish. They are long lasting and although I didnt wear them on their own the colour still showed through beautifully. The eyeshadow (called Vintage Doll, its a lovely baby pink colour) I applied wet to create the cut crease look on my eyelids and was really pleased with the finish, it was perfectly matte and stayed in place all day.

The H and M make-up range definitely has a thumbs up from me. Quality products and at a great price too! You can shop their make-up range by clicking here

Enjoy the rest of the weekend!


What does it take?

There has been a movement by brands and by individuals who have been challenging the status quo when it comes to beauty. Dove famously launched a campaign in 2004 for real beauty that challenged the way that we viewed beauty (commonly the super tall and slender fair skinned figures that graced our TV screened and filled magazines). Although Dove were taking the opportunity to reposition themselves within the market their campaign came at a great time to boost the self esteem of women who simply couldn’t associate themselves with what was being shown in the various media outlets all around them. By challenging the very apparent stereotypes in beauty, Dove widened the definition of the word and now beauty included all women. You can read more about the real beauty campaign here

What makes us feel beautiful should never be defined by the way in which we think we measure up to another person it should be about feeling good about how we look and working with what we have. Making the most of what you have. On my instagram page yesterday I posted a list of things that are within our control and one of the points on there was ‘how kind we are to ourselves’. There are lots of quotes online about self love and it is really key. The internet can be a really false place when you scroll through the discover page and see the amount of images of perfection and the sponsored ads that seem to crop up everywhere encouraging you to buy, buy, buy and buy some more!

It’s really time to step back and assess- what does it take to be you. What is it that makes you happy? What are you into? Pursue those things with passion. If you are into either cute or quirky make-up, fashion thats not on the high street, literature thats not from the most famous authors, art from un recognised artists, mathematics thats seriously complex, music thats a far cry from the chart toppers on i-tunes, meteorology or even ornithology (the study of birds), whatever it is, pursue it! And as the clichĂ© saying goes – Be your own kind of beautiful 🙂

On another note here are some pictures from my Easter weekend away in Lyon, France. Enjoy!

Claudia x2017-04-13 20.18.112017-04-14 11.51.112017-04-13 18.34.312017-04-13 16.02.572017-04-13 15.36.40

2017-04-14 18.07.202017-04-14 18.07.382017-04-14 17.02.242017-04-14 11.46.14

In which order?

When applying my make-up I used to get stuck on what I should apply first and wondered what the logical order was to apply the different products. Initially I’d begin by prepping my whole face, applying my primer, foundation and powder before starting my brows and eyes. I quickly learnt that this method wouldn’t work. I’m now settled with a routine that works for me and will share with you today 🙂 Here it goes…

  1. Prime the skin
  2. Fill in and define brows
  3. Prime eye lids, apply eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, false lashes
  4. Contour, cover up dark circles, spots
  5. Apply foundation
  6. Complete contour
  7. Apply finishing powders/sprays

I find that applying your products in this order also helps you to envisage the finished look much easier and helps you clean away any excess eyeshadow that can fall onto your cheeks during application.

I’d love to hear your suggestions and routines too.

Have a lovely day!

Claudia x

Levels to save time

Depending on how long I have to get ready to leave the house I have developed a ‘level’ grading of what to include or leave out of my make up regime. I thought I’d share my level 1 or basic make-up routine with you and I hope it will help you too.

The Level 1: This is the very basic make up and should take about 20 minutes to complete. I begin by preparing my skin using Kiko Mat Base Corrector Primer. I always always prime my face, no matter how little the make-up, if you have oily skin your foundation will last longer when you’ve prepared your skin well.

I then fill in my brows using the Sleek Browkit. This can be done fairly quickly with a good angled brush, you can pick a good one up at Superdrug for a few pounds. Once I have done this I define my brows using a flat brush from Kiko number 210 using a drop of MAC’s pro longwear concealer mixed with my foundation. I mix the concealer and foundation for a more natural look and to avoid the light halo effect around my eyebrows.

Using a medium sized concealer brush I then blend around the brows to smooth in the concealer/foundation into the area around my brows. I also use this same mixture on my dark areas (underneath my eyes) and moving out along my cheek bone- this is pretty much all the contour I’ll do. You can choose to add some of this vertically down the centre of your face from the middle of your forehead, down your nose and a dab on the middle of your chin to create more contrast. Always blend in with a make up sponge.

Once I’ve defined , I grab my Sephora colourful eyeliner in black and apply. I like my liner to be bold and clean and as I’m not wearing any eyeshadow or lashes, my liner should make the statement :). I follow this with some mascara.

After this I apply my foundation using Zoeva’s brush 104, this gives a beautifully smooth finish.

Then I apply my favourite lip liner and lipstick and I’m ready to go!

With some practice this should take 20 minutes or less and is a great quick make-up routine to complete when you’re in a rush.

Have a great day!


Claudia x

Splitting your beauty supplies

It recently dawned on me that more often than not I purchase a new beauty product or make-up brush as a result of a review I’ve read or simply wanting to experiment with something different to take the monotony out of the ‘getting read’ process. However, it’s easy to accumulate lots of items that you rarely use and gather dust on your dresser. One way to combat this is to select your core products and tools that you use on a daily basis, your ‘go-to’ items and gather these into one bag. Then you may choose to have a larger bag that has your wider range of cosmetics in it, these can include your glittery eyeshadows or colours and concealers, blushers that you wear on special occasions.

This means that on those days when you’re in a rush in the morning you can quickly grab and apply the products you need rather than rummaging through a large bag of make up trying to look for what you need.

This is also handy if you are a frequent traveller, you can always have the items you need packed and ready to go!

I hope this helps! Have a fab day


Claudia x

Lash alert

False lashes – Applying eyelash extensions to the eyes in order to enhance the length and volume of the lashes. If like me it took you a while to get used to the application and use of false lashes and glue you’ll appreciate all of the great products there are on the market now. Great applicators, glues and of course the lashes themselves. I have been wearing lashes for a few years now would like to share some tips with you all:

When choosing your style of lash consider the look that you wish to achieve. This could be dramatic, flirty, bold, simple, natural etc. and buy the lashes that compliment the look you’re going for.

Before applying your lashes always check that they are the right length for your eyes. Your lashes shouldn’t end after your eyes or begin too close to the tear duct. If they are too long, cut them to size with a pair of cosmetic scissors. The perfect length for a natural look is measuring from the inner eye where your lashes begin right through to the outer part of the eye.

My favourite eyelash glue is by Eyelure. It’s a white glue that dries clear. It doesn’t have a strong smell and holds lashes beautifully all day! I’ve tried lots of others and I really do think this is the best on the market. You can pick up a bottle at any big Boots store. Our eyes are precious and its important that we don’t damage our own lashes. I like this glue because I can carefully remove my false lashes at the end of the day without pulling on my own lashes.

If you have a shaky hand when applying lashes use tweezers and don’t allow the glue on the lash to become too tacky before applying. If you allow the glue to dry too much and find its not where you want it you can easily move it then gently hold it in place until dry.

Apply the lash to the very base of your eyelid to create a much more natural finish. You can use the opposite end of the tweezers (the non-tweezing side) to smooth down the lash and ensure that its resting securely on your lashes.

I always apply my lashes AFTER my eyeliner, so even if you don’t quite get the lashes neatly on the base of your eyelid its not as evident.

Allow your lashes to dry completely before continuing with the rest of your make-up.

If you wear your lashes more than once always clean off the excess glue in-between wears using tweezers or warm water on a cotton bud.

Keeping your lashes in their case keeps them in shape and dust and dirt free.

If you like extra volume apply your mascara before putting your lashes on. This adds depth to even the thinnest of false lashes.


I hope this helps! x

The post about liquid eyeliner

I’ll admit that in my early make up days applying liquid liner was the most difficult stage of the entire process. I wanted the finished look on my eyes to be clean, equal on both eyes and smudge free. It would take me the good part of 5 minutes to apply this black liquid on one eye (whilst trying to avoid my eyes watering) before then trying to replicate what I’d done onto my left eye too. 

Now there are stencils and liner-pens that make the entire process less painstaking and quick. I love the way eyeliner accentuate and change the shape of the eye and provides the perfect backdrop to apply lashes too. For an item that was invented around 10,000 BC when Egyptian men and women lined all around the eyes with this dark substance, it’s use has become far more widespread with Gothic and Punk fashion all adopting the eye make up.

I have one particular liquid liner that I’ve used for a few years now which is Bourjois Liner Pinceau Very Long Lasting Eyeliner. I like the matte black finish it gives and the brush allows for a beautifully smooth and neat line. I’m a fan of the winged eye-liner and feel that this complements my eye shape the best. For me the ease of application is just as important as the substance itself- so get a liner with a good brush and you’re half way there! 

I’ve watched a few tutorials on the application of liner and there are a multitude of tricks and tips online to help you achieve the perfect look. When applying mine, I begin on the inner corner and work my way out forming the winged shape towards the last quarter of my eye by creating two lines that meet and filling in the middle. I prefer not to apply my liner past my brows.

I’ve briefly experimented with using the eyeliner pencil but found that some brands are not very soft and can cause you to pull on what is very delicate skin. I use the pencil instead as a tight line, applying it the the skin directly after the eye, the inner lid.
 It would be great to hear about what eyeliners you use. And whether you pick your eyeliners based on the overall look you’re trying to achieve. Please leave your comments 😊

Wishing you all a great week x

The Pink lip đŸ’„

There’s something fun about bright pink lipsticks that add an instant wow-factor to your finished look. But getting the right shade is important. There are lots of glossy shades that I prefer to wear in the summer or in the evenings but matte shades (I find) work best at any time and in any season.

MAC have a great selection of pink shades that work well on their own or when combined with other shades for that glam ombrĂ© look. My top 3 MAC pink shades are ‘Girl About Town’ ‘Please Me’ and ‘Speak Louder’.

These are all bright fun shades that look great when worn alone or with another colour. I don’t often team these with a lip liner but if you want to then MAC’s ‘More to Love’ is great. I often actually wear this liner as a lipstick because it’s such a lovely shade and lasts for hours and hours.

Sleek also do a great matte lippy called ‘Mystik’ this is more of a purply pink but is perfectly matte and again lasts almost all day. I haven’t always been a fan of Sleek but their lipstick range is pretty cool, they have some really rich colours, it’s worth checking out.

My absolute favourite pink lippy however, is by EstĂše Lauder and you’ll never guess what it’s called… ‘Fuschia Fever’ of course! Lol! This Lippy is just lovely, it’s moisturizing and gives great coverage for a lipstick that’s got a shine to it. It’s long lasting and you’ll hardly need to touch up after eating. Again I don’t wear lip liner with this, but if you’d like to MAC’s ‘More to Love’ is an excellent match. Or for an OmbrĂ© look use MAC’s ‘Rebel’ lightly on the outer edge but make sure you blend it well with a small lip brush.

What are your favourite pink lipsticks?

Hope you’ve had a fab Monday!

Claudia x