What to do if you keep running out of time

Yep it’s definitely happening, as we grow older the time we have seems to somehow whittle down. What happened to all that time you had to watch TV that wasn’t at the loss of doing something more productive and beneficial with your time?

How easy is it for the hours to pass us by without feeling the tangible benefits of any real productive action?

But there is something that can be done and thankfully there are steps that you can take to ensure that you make the most of each day.

  1. The biggest use of our time in (for those that use it) has to be social media. It can take up a lot of our time and if you are a part of Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter this alone can eat into your time. If you also use messaging services such as WhatsApp your time can quickly be filled checking and connecting with others through these instead of making time for more important things. Limit the time you spend on these by logging off or muting the notifications on the apps that take up the bulk of your time.
  2. Consider keeping a diary and write down your to-do list each day. When things are written down and kept somewhere visible its easier to follow it and strike it off when complete then creating lists on your phone.
  3. Practice being disciplined in small tasks. Commit yourself to completing the things that you begin will help you develop the commitment to finish the things that take a little longer.
  4. Avoid burn out by taking time to sleep. Working late into the night is what works best for some but if your energy is at its peak during the day having a good night’s rest is essential. This should also allow you to wake up earlier, giving you more time to respond to emails in the morning etc.
  5. Set reminders, if forgetfulness is whats taking your time then set a reminder with an alarm and don’t put off doing the task.
  6. Try and stay positive, negativity and talking down to yourself will deter you from completing or even starting what you need to. Time spent worrying and becoming anxious over a task not only takes your time but also takes up your energy, leaving you tired and deflated.

I hope these few pointers help you to really assess and take control of your day in a way that will help you to see a real change in how much you’re able to get done and effectively managing the time you have.


Thank you for reading x


So Rihanna has launched her make-up range and we are absolutely loving it. The range of colours and the variety of products has got everyone super excited and I must admit I cant wait to try it out for myself.

Fenty Beauty Foundation

But when shopping for a new beauty product what are some of the things that you look out for that tell you whether its going to be a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’. Apart from testing a product on the back of your hand and possibly trying it on how can you be sure that what you are getting is worth parting with your precious pounds?

It can be a game of trial and error with lots of artificial lighting at cosmetic booths and the lure of all these beautiful shades that feel right when you’re in the store. I’d say don’t rush it but rather ask for a sample (especially foundation and concealer) and test it at home or pop out of the store and take a look in the day light. By doing this you’ll quickly be able to spot if a colour is ashy for your skin or if the undertone is right for you.

From experience I’ve found that some of the foundation brands develop the darker shades of foundation with a very red/orange undertone that can be rather unflattering in daylight but looks great under artificial light, so do watch out for this.

NARS Foundation

For eyeliners a test on the back of your hand is sufficient. A good eyeliner shouldn’t run when you draw a line on the back of your hand. Also wait for it to dry on your hand to see what the finished product will look like – is it really black or more of a dull grey?

MAC Liquid Eyeliner

The same can be said of primers too, put a little on the back of your hand and rub in gently. Once dry, asses how it feels, is it too drying? Too glossy? Decide the make-up look you’d like to go for whether is matte or dewy and buy accordingly.

I hope this helps you when make-up shopping. If you have any questions please do feel free to ask in the comments section or via email fuschiasequins@gmail.com.

Also don’t forget that you can find me on social media too Facebook – Fuschia Sequins , Twitter – @fuschiasequins and Instagram – fuschia__sequins

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What does it take?

There has been a movement by brands and by individuals who have been challenging the status quo when it comes to beauty. Dove famously launched a campaign in 2004 for real beauty that challenged the way that we viewed beauty (commonly the super tall and slender fair skinned figures that graced our TV screened and filled magazines). Although Dove were taking the opportunity to reposition themselves within the market their campaign came at a great time to boost the self esteem of women who simply couldn’t associate themselves with what was being shown in the various media outlets all around them. By challenging the very apparent stereotypes in beauty, Dove widened the definition of the word and now beauty included all women. You can read more about the real beauty campaign here

What makes us feel beautiful should never be defined by the way in which we think we measure up to another person it should be about feeling good about how we look and working with what we have. Making the most of what you have. On my instagram page yesterday I posted a list of things that are within our control and one of the points on there was ‘how kind we are to ourselves’. There are lots of quotes online about self love and it is really key. The internet can be a really false place when you scroll through the discover page and see the amount of images of perfection and the sponsored ads that seem to crop up everywhere encouraging you to buy, buy, buy and buy some more!

It’s really time to step back and assess- what does it take to be you. What is it that makes you happy? What are you into? Pursue those things with passion. If you are into either cute or quirky make-up, fashion thats not on the high street, literature thats not from the most famous authors, art from un recognised artists, mathematics thats seriously complex, music thats a far cry from the chart toppers on i-tunes, meteorology or even ornithology (the study of birds), whatever it is, pursue it! And as the cliché saying goes – Be your own kind of beautiful 🙂

On another note here are some pictures from my Easter weekend away in Lyon, France. Enjoy!

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