Could we just take a brief moment to applaud the style genius who is Celine Dion’s stylist? I have to say that her creativity and eye for colour is something else! I love each and every single one of these outfits. She certainly knows what suits her an is unafraid to explore shapes and fit. Check these lovely outfits out!

2017 Billboard Music Awards - Showceline celineceline dionceline in blackjceline in checkceline in redGiambattista Valli show, Fall Winter 2017, Haute Couture Fashion Week, Paris, France - 03 Jul 2017celine purpleceline yellowceline dion


I’ve deliberated about what I want this blog to actually focus on. There are a plethora of blogs that cover (in detail) fashion, travel, beauty, lifestyle in different ways and I often think that all bases have been covered BUT in actual fact we are all so different and we were all born unique and its in finding what makes us different is what truly sets us apart. Sometimes finding what that ‘thing’ is can be a journey because of the endless amounts of similarities that we find with others. As I post pictures on my Instagram page and think of new content for my blog I’m increasingly being driven to think a little bit more deeply about what it is that defines me as Claudia. What is it that really moves me, what motivates me how am I different to those around me. I think about this in the context if branding quite a lot as it is something for which I have a passion.

To think about what makes me the same as another would be rather easy, we can use similarity to find belonging within a group or a movement but sharing what defines you and makes you stand out can initially be daunting. Why be daunted by something that can become beautiful? Pushing past where you normally stop and challenging yourself daily can be a road to discovery of what truly makes you unique.

I guess all that I would like to say in this post is that if you’ve been wondering lately what it is that makes you different, don’t give up on that journey of discovery because you will find it. Look for it in the comments you receive from others on the way you do things. Look for it in the things that bring you joy and satisfaction. Look for it in the things that make you smile helplessly or give you butterflies in your stomach. Look for it in the things that uncontrollably excite you and bring out your creativity.

Enjoy this gloriously sunny Sunday!


Claudia x


Whats my style anyway?

In light of the a-mazing fashion week designs that have captivated our TV screens and almost every social media platform, I thought it fitting that I touch on this topic. It can take a while for one to define their style, a look that is undeniably unique to you. It could be the way you wear accessorise or how you manipulate colour and patterns. We all have our style inspirations but there’s nothing better than having a look that is completely unique to you. I believe that before you speak your appearance and aura have already spoken and what you wear says A LOT about you. Personally your style is the fashion ‘signature’ you leave in the minds of others. It’s part of your bespoke brand. The dictionary definition calls style ‘a distinctive appearance, typically determined by the principles according to which something is designed.’ To have style requires an element of boldness, it says no matter what others think this is what I am and what I stand for and I choose to express it in my attire.


My style is classic, I love a pure silk scarf, a crisp white shirt, a good quality pair of jeans and a well made blazer (gosh I sound like a 40 year old lol) but this is my style and one that I am proud of. The classic look never goes out of fashion and is just as strong a statement as the on-trend patterns and cuts we see on catwalks today. Some of my favourite high street brands are French Connection, Reiss and Banana Republic because (for me) they get it right every season with effortlessly sheek style that can easily be re-worked for a day or evening look.


Many people don’t like telling others where they purchased items of clothings or shoes for fear that their ‘style’ may be imitated but the reality is that when you really have a style that stands out its rather difficult to emulate and someone who has style will always strive to take an item and transform it anyway, so I happily share where I buy items from (unless I am totally sure the person will wear it reaalllyyy badly)…kidding! (not kidding lol)


So even if you love the way Rihanna rocks wide-leg trousers or the way Beyonce wore her kimono on holiday, there’s nothing wrong with purchasing something similar but make it your own. We are all created to be beautifully unique and we have the creativity to do so. Embrace who you are and let it flow in your own special way 🙂


Until next time, have a fab weekend!…


Claudia x


p.s As blogging newbie I’d love to hear your thoughts on this, so feel free to comment below 🙂